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Trainer Needed - 30 days

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Trainer Needed - 30 days Empty Trainer Needed - 30 days

Post  fourquartersequine Thu Apr 09, 2009 9:12 pm

I am looking for someone in the Grande Prairie area that is willing to put 30 days on a gelding that I have. he is 6, but has limited riding....was started at 3yrs of age and had only a few rides on him.....but due to my starting a family of my own, he has taking a great long break out in the pasture....he does have wonderful ground manners, stands quietly with his head down....and gets worked with a few times a month when I have a chance....I am an EC coach so, I do know what I am doing, but I need someone to do that first 30 days for me......I am unfortunate that I do not have any family or anyone that can look after my kids so that I can go out and do it myself.....or I would....and if I get hurt doing it....well then, I'm really screwed!!! LOL!!!

Please contact me if you know of anyone....THANKS a bunch!!!

Bobbi-Shannon Finnebraaten

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