What would you do with $32 million?

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What would you do with $32 million?

Post  mollyr on Sun Sep 27, 2009 4:28 pm

Just a little topic to get some action on this forum.

I would buy a big farm with lots of land outside of the city. There would be a huge heated barn and indoor arena and a big house on the property. The house would have a main floor and a basement. The whole basement would be a reptile room and the main floor would have a few bedrooms and bathrooms, a dining room, living room, etc.

I would own a draft horse team, miniature horses, llamas, quarter horses, a few large dogs, cats, goats and a milk cow.

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Re: What would you do with $32 million?

Post  goneshowin on Mon Sep 28, 2009 3:00 pm

LOL this is kinda cool

I would buy a ranch either here or in Texas hell maybe even both! Heated indoor arena, 12 stall barn, heated wash rack, and a Black dodge MegaCab Dually with a 6 horse living quarters trailer to go rodeo in. I would still breed my Quarter horses for the rodeo arena. cheers

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Re: What would you do with $32 million?

Post  FehrGroundRanch on Mon Sep 28, 2009 11:45 pm


I would build a big old barn (and stock it full of the best saddles, tack etc) with an attached riding arena.

I would stay close to where I am at, but move a bit closer to the mountians.

I would buy a fantastic reining stallion that has already been showen and won lots of mula! Smile All I would have to do is show him open and campainge him!

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Re: What would you do with $32 million?

Post  JezzaBella on Fri Dec 04, 2009 2:12 pm

I'd buy a sprawling piece of land (alberta or b.c., not sure) around 2000 acres, and have four homes built for myself, sisters and mother, we'd have a vast trail system through the property, including lots of bushland and a small lake. Trails would be going from home to home, as well as a small road for personal vehicles/horse carriage. I'd have an indoor pool with a large plant and bird avary along the windows where'd I'd keep many small birds such as cockatiels and canaries. I'd have a large stone barn with both a sitting room inside the barn, branching off the centre, and a large clubhouse/pub upstairs

with a wrap around patio over looking the pastures and arenas. All the stalls would be huge with paddocks off of each one, with freedom of inside/outside if desired. I'd breed appies, gypsy vanners and drum horses (maybe draft saddle horses as well), I'd put in a lot of hands on work raising the foals myself as well as employ some people to help me. I'd also build a boar stud retirement sanctuary, since they have to live separated I'd also have large stalls inside with optional freedom to go outside. I'd employ animal trainers to keep them up to par on their human socialization skills as well as keep them mentally stimulated. They'd have their feet trimmed regularly and have sores and pain treated properly. They'd have big comfy shelters in their paddocks with tons of straw to flop in. I"d have the sanctuary double fenced, as not to inadvertantly add to the wild boar population lol.

As well as horses and boars I'd have about three dogs, as many as I do now. I'd most likely employ some great pyreness, or the like, for wildlife control. I'd have a menagerie of animals such as llamas (trained to pack and cart), a few cows, goats, and donkeys/mules. My house would be full of cats, cats everywhere... I'd have a catwalk around the main rooms, with napping areas attached every now and then. My house would have vaulted ceilings in the living room and kitchen, and I'd have a seperate dining room specifically for big christmas dinners and the like. I'd also have a stereo system piped throughout, with options on which rooms to have on or off. I'd have a sauna for sure, as well as a very impressive workout on the top level of the house (level specifially made for a guest room, workout room, and bathroom)... I'd have windows all around my workout room cause it'd be one of those round tower type deals, with a large shock absorbing workout floor for speed rope. I'd have two of each treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines and upright bikes. As well as many cable/pulley machines and free weights/benchs.

I'd also educate myself, prolly a good idea, some animal sciences and horsemanship courses, probably take up some art courses too, as I'd like to get back into sculpting someday.

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Re: What would you do with $32 million?

Post  KiddingAround on Wed Dec 09, 2009 9:53 pm

I would buy the property we are one, no more freaking land payments! Then, I would buy the neighbors as well. I would bust up all the hay land and re-seed. I would reno our old hip roof barn, and build me a nice indoor, with bucking chutes. I would buy some good bucking bull stock, and a good rope horse for my fiance. The fences would all be re-built with steel panels. All the old buildings would be gone, and we'd have a heated shop.
Good bye Denali, I would have a smart little SUV to look hot driving in! tongue New tractors too.
Our house would be demolished, and I'd build my nice little 2 story house. No basement, master bedroom and onsuite would be all that is upstairs 3 bedrooms on the main, big kitchen and a wrap around porch. While they are building my house, I'm going somewhere nice for a while!!!!

......my money spent yet?????

I'd also buy my mom a nice place out here in the country, with a horse. Buy my brother a house, and send my dad on a nice vacation!

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Re: What would you do with $32 million?

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