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Indoor board- Edmonton Area

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Indoor board- Edmonton Area Empty Indoor board- Edmonton Area

Post  *Giddy Up* Thu Jun 16, 2011 7:13 pm

I will be moving to the south end of Edmonton and I am looking for indoor board within a (ideally) 40min drive for July.

Most important is care- I have a nervous TB who can be a hard keeper, so I would like to find a barn that is willing to work with me to keep her happy and healthy. Unlimited forage (pasture or hay) is a must when outside and inside, with a grain program that reflects the board price (I would prefer a formulated feed, as that is what my horse is used to, but I'm open to options, and I don't mind providing my own extras if needed). Would also like it if provided supplements were fed. Good turnout (appropriate small group/pasture is best- don't want individual) is a must year round- the more the better as long as there is adequate forage and water year round (ie. heated water source in winter), as well as proper blanketing for the AB winter.

As far as facility, I would like an indoor and outdoor arena (would prefer heated so I can ride during the winter), where the footing is maintained and dust kept low. Would love it if there were a couple sets of jumps and poles to work with. I don't need fancy- I don't care about a wash stall or the highest end of products- just a facility that is kept clean and maintained. Not looking for any coaching currently, so that is also not necessary. I would actually prefer a smaller private boarding barn, but as said, most important is care- I want to be at a place where my horse is fat, happy and relaxed.

I am returning to school in August, so on a bit of a budget (ok, a lot of a budget Razz). I'd like to spend no more than $500+tax/month (that includes all services except if I need to provide my own extras).

If anyone could help me out with any names or links for barns in the Edmonton area (I'm not from the area at all) it would be greatly appreciated!! (Especially if there are any great but unadvertised barns you know of).

Thank you!

*Giddy Up*

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