Equine Sports Therapy, Lessons, and Training

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Equine Sports Therapy, Lessons, and Training

Post  Sellefrancais on Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:16 am

Riding lessons and training are based on every horse and riders individual conformation and geared towards teaching the rider to ride the "whole horse" in order to get more from from every horse without strain.

• Increase circulation
• Improve lymphatic function
• Boost respiratory system efficiency
• Enhance muscle tone
• Identify and relax muscle spasms
• Prevent and relieve major injuries that often stem from soft tissue sources
• Speed injury recovery by encouraging tissue repair and increasing nutrient flow while flushing toxins
• Reduce muscle atrophy
• Increase the horse’s range of movement
• Enhance over all well being by increasing endorphins
• Raise over all performance capabilities
• Decrease joint inflammation and increase mobility
• Stimulate or relax the nervous system

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