Hi from Medicine Hat AB (warning...long winded)

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Hi from Medicine Hat AB (warning...long winded)

Post  Betamax on Fri Jul 17, 2009 7:52 pm

I've written on here but never really introduced myself. My name is Lisa and I just moved from Ottawa area to Medicine Hat AB. I used to live here 25 years ago...and now I feel like I'm 'home'.
I teach people how to trim their own horses, how to set up their land to enhance their horse keeping and have a certification course for professional trimmers and educators.

I do not follow the methods of PR or JJ...or anyone else 'out there'.
I have over the past 12 years developed, tested, and implemented the protocols for my trim philosophies and lifestyle enhancement for the horse. I / we are presently putting together an educational (and ongoing) DVD project that will revolutionize how the average person views our present day horse keeping practices and trimming.

Although, PR and JJ have had better press coverage and a solid marketing team behind them to capitalize on the media`s leading edge... I have been practicing my method under the radar up here in Canada!...and just watching this whole barefoot thing evolve. Not all trims are created equal that's for sure!

I have over a decade of documented data that I collected on VHS and digital video and still shots with diaries and follow ups which will be presented in part on the DVD `s...and so much more information coming for horse owners. We have published articles in Equine Wellness magazine as well as french publications in QC. Presently writing a 3 part article for Equine Canada magazine.. a series called Xray Vision. Watch for it in August.

My `passion` is in education rather than just centering on barefoot trimming...education on how the foot shape and health affects the horses overall posture, stance, movement and performance. How the foot shape, diet and lifestyle affect the digestion and circulation of the horse as well as showing people how to make significant, yet simple, changes in their horse keeping and trimming practices that are going to reap them big rewards. We had an awesome forum up for years to give help...but couldn't get rid of spam and it really just got to be too much. I miss it but it is still up there for reference with a search or two. http://www.equinextion.net/phpBB3/
I`ve got a trim plan that anyone can learn...and it's not a 'method' of do this or do that...it's a method of educating your eyes through my experiences over the past decade+ and shortening your learning curve. Understanding what you do and why you do it and what effects it has on the horse etc...

other than that, i have 3 kids and 3 horses, 2 cats and a dog...so far! I ride Treeless and Bitless Dressage (when I have time) and invented a bitless bridle that looks pretty 'dressagey' and conventional...that I can lunge and ground drive in...and someday hopefully wear in the ring again.

Anyone else from my area?

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