Lusitano x Quarter Horse = Azteca

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Lusitano x Quarter Horse = Azteca

Post  Lusitano on Sat May 02, 2009 11:25 pm

Aztecas possess beautiful paces, are easy to break and train, and respond brilliantly to the different equine school disciplines requiring suspended and elevated gaits. These hoses possess valuable aptitudes for all equine high school disciplines. The proportions of their anatomical and muscular structure, their strength and resistance, as well as their beautiful stamp, confirm that the Azteca breed is a represented figure in the official competitions of this noble sport.

The Mexican charro requires a calm horse to rope from, excel in all working ranch endeavors, and the elegance to be shown off in pleasure riding. Aztecas have shown their quality in various other events of charriera as well, and are now being used in reining and cutting events.

The Azteca, although a young and new breed, has already distinguished itself greatly in sport jumping.

The Azteca has also proven itself as a mount for the brave Rejonero (bullfighter who uses the rejon). In this the Azteca horse excels and shows its agility, gracefulness and gallantry. Their skillful and sure movements give its steady and graceful figure a strong rhythm of dancing, which is insolently beautiful.

Their temperament, lively, happy and obedient, exalts once more their physical qualities. The Azteca breed has a valuable place with the most prominent and outstanding equine breeds.
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