Hello! I'm a newbie

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Hello! I'm a newbie

Post  lbjequine on Fri Apr 03, 2009 11:15 pm


So normaly I sit back and just read posts. and don't offten say to much.
but have decided that life is to short just to sit back and watch it go by, and always play it safe. What I have been know to do my whole life.

Any way!

I have been involved with horses for 20 odd years. have five right now (hubby not happy, too many for him). I have 2 registered QH mares, 1 resistered coming 2year old gelding, Arab cross 16years old (sons horse) and my baby 7year old andalushion/Quarter horse mare.

This year I decided to branch out and take on training outside horses. So far so good.
I specilize in the first 30day to first 30 rides. Yes! i belive there is a differnce.
There is the first 30 days on the ground work and the first 30 days of riding.

But enofe about me!
hope to come across some good posts.

Looking for some good clinics to go to this year, if anyone knows of any.



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