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Equine Dentist

Post  Margaret on Mon Mar 30, 2009 9:54 pm

Equine Dentist will travel anywhere in Alberta to serve the dental needs of your horses. Spring is a good time to get an UTD full equilibration with fresh new bitseats. Horses perform better with 60% more airflow for the disciplines he is trained to do.

Horses under five years should see an Equine Dentist every 6 months to have deciduous teeth extracted so the new permanent tooth bud has that space to erupt into. Wolf teeth should be extracted as well.

Horses five years and older need dental work every twelve months to smooth off razor sharp buccal and lingual edges from their molar tables. Maintaining the incisors assures a three point balance between the temporomandibular joints and molar tables.

I love horses and dentistry. I know I can leave them more comfortable than I found them. It makes them more agreeable and safer for the owner to handle.

Book Your Appointment Early. 403-783-4619 or 403-783-9821 cell.


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