Palomino QH stallion -- Skipper W Breeding -- For Sale or At Stud

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Palomino QH stallion -- Skipper W Breeding -- For Sale or At Stud

Post  mvpaintsarabians on Sun Mar 22, 2009 10:31 am

Jack Skipped Barb AKA Skip

Sire: Bit O Barbee (Bit O Tivio X Dudes Wander Barbee)
Dam: Skipas Miss Josie (Canadiana Skipa Pal X Good Josie)

Skip is a 2005 palomino Quarter Horse stallion. He carries bloodlines to the great stallions Skipper W, Two Eyed Jack, Otoe and Poco Bueno. He is every athletic with a nice short back and is a very fluid mover that can really jump! Speedy and boy can he turn quick and stop!! Skip has a natural sliding stop. He can turn and go the other way in a matter of seconds. Can get up lots of speed in a short distance. Offspring would be well suited for any speed event or ranch work. He has a natural cow sense! Calm temperament and very easy going!! Naturally herds cows around. Was pastured with cows and our other stallion last winter. The two stallions (last picture) were buddies and they both bossed around the cows.

Skip is starting to shed out into a nice golden color! Very stunning! More Pictures coming soon, sorry for the color, pictures were taken with a cell phone.

Skip is green broke and his training will continue once the weather improves. Skip has been ridden a number of times beside mares even ones that were ready to be bred. He was very easy to handle and didn't care about the mare. Skip has ridden in Steal Scouts practices and was a very well behave boy. There were geldings and mares and he was very calm.

Nothing scares Skip a bomb could literally go off and wouldn't even flinch. First foals expected in June.

This is a solid, well built, well bred stallion that will suit your breeding program no matter what discipline you are looking for. He is only 4 years old and only for sale as we have changed our breeding program.

Asking $3000 Standing at stud til sold.

Stud Fee: $400 includes $150 booking fee
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